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Submission Guidelines


                                      accepts submissions on a rolling basis, in alignment with our current conversation. please review our commitment and glossary, and peruse our content here and here, for context prior to submitting. please only submit what you feel will flow. in addition, please be mindful that we are a small team comprised of busy artists and organizers. we will respond to submissions as we are able. if submitted work is time-sensitive, please mark accordingly. 

we are an open-minded organization not pretending to know more than we do. as we learn and grow, so does the world around us. we honor those natural shifts and therefore are responsive to many mediums.  if you are interested in submitting work, nominating a folkalizer, or pitching a story be sure to include the following:

  • ​​specify submission type in the subject of your email (music, short film, op-ed essay, prose, poetry, photo essay, dance piece, etc.).

  • in the body of the email please include your full name, and a brief title and summary for your submitted work, as well as its relation to our current conversation or overall mission.

  • please include an artist statement or brief bio as an attached PDF Document.


we're happy to have you

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