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TOAN is currently in process of obtaining our 501(c)3 designation, so we do not yet have an EIN, but we are still in need of your support. 

We thank you for supporting TOAN, fiscally and otherwise! Our programs, workshops, and experiences are funded by people like you and funds go directly to the ongoing costs of those offerings. Any additional funds acquired go directly to the expansion of those offerings and our capacity to provide them at the standard our community deserves.

Your donations allow us to compensate the artists, educators, and organizers that commit their time and service to lead our programs. Our programs and workshops are impactful because of the efforts these folks share with us. In addition to compensation, your donations allow us to provide these programs for free or at a low cost for prioritized communities, as well as providing supplies.

Donations can be made to: 

TBA  (current fiscal sponsor information can be shared directly upon request)

If you are interested in partnering with TOAN or sponsoring a workshop, program, or experience please contact Miriha at

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